Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'm a journalist, so of course I write. something. every. day. But I write about bras and panties and fashion shows and CFOs and dollars and cents and nonsense. How often do I write something I want to write? Write something for me? Cut open a vein and write, as they say? (Makes it sound fun.) Rarely. I do try to pour my passion into all of my work but it's indefinitely hard when your work isn't something you're passionate about.

So here's a new attempt at reviving this dead blog. A literal name change that tells all exactly what I'm going to do: Write. something. Before the focus was on actual pieces, but those are hard to whip up on a whim, when you're tired and gross from the humdrum.

I cannot do one of those thematic blogs, where one writes some little quip every day about fashion or design. I was never a person to be so obsessed or passionate about one topic, one thing, besides writing. So that's what you're going to get.

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