Friday, August 22, 2008

Contuining The Last Post

i rarely do this, but I was inspired to carry my last post on a bit. this could potentially turn into a longer story. what do you think?

for proof, her name. sam. not samantha, just sam, just big fat sam, blob sam. sam on her birth certificate. sam wilson. no middle name, either, to make it prettier. or less common. there was a boy in her third grade class with the same name, and it embarrassed her when role call came and the ugly "sam wilson" was called and they both stood up. she could not ask her mother to change it. cindy wasn't around much and when she was the conversation went: cindy: "drive me now." (ugly) sam: "but it's late, cindy." cindy: "drive your fucking mother to the damn bar or you'll end up with the tires." father scrapped tires for money, stole them off the bum cars that lined the main drag of mason, indiana, where they lived. the ones that didn't sell or had some defect were burned in a pit in the back yard, which was also home to some kittens that died trying to make it out of the placental bag they came out in. kind of like the people in this town, she thought. dying before they even breathe. she couldn't reach the pedal so she used a broomstick, which was shaky but enough to drive the two required miles. a few hours later, her mother would stumble out of the Mason Jar, usually on the arm of some man sam recognized but couldn't remember his name. "hello, honey," she'd say to sam, then kiss the man for a few seconds. "take me home, dear." as much as sam hated the idea of cindy spending their hard-earned money at the Mason Jar, she did relish this trip a bit. one, she got to sleep in the back seat of the car for a few hours, which was worn and warm and quiet and all her own. two: her mom was always especially nice to her when the deed was done, and would call her nice names like "honey" and "sweetie" and "daughter" and "dear." even if she didn't mean them, they were still nice to hear. and they were better than sam.

i think i need to change part I a bit now that i've decided sam lives in a small town. in the first part, i had her in the city, hence the towers and the girl with the big bug glasses. easy fixes. thoughts?

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